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Our PHP Programming course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages. PHP is a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. PHP course introduces the PHP framework and syntax, and covers in depth the most important techniques which are used to build dynamic web sites. We are the best php training institute in delhi, offers professional php course with project in delhi.


Programme Outcome:

    Base Syntax and programming with PHP
    PHP Delimiters
    Creating User Defined Variable
    Assigning values to scaler variable
    Data type with PHP
    Declaring and Using constants
    Understanding Operators and Precedence
    Evaluating Expression
    Making decision if,else and switch
    Advantage of iteration using while,do and for loops
    Employing arrays
    Varible initialization with PHP.
    Writing Web Page with PHP
    Interacting with the server
    Embedding PHP cods into HTML pages
    Determining how data is sent form to PHP scripts
    Manipulating user input
    Retrieving form data with $_POST, $_GET and $_REQUEST[]array
    Validating reterieved data
    Strategies for handling invalid input
    Storing state information using cookies
    Applying Advance Scripting Techniques
    Expoloting the built-in functionality of PHP
    Formatting data and time information
    Manipulating string data
    Reading and writing data using file I/O functions
    Investigating other built-in features
    Structuring PHP code
    Accessing global variables
    Building code libraries for reusabillity
    PHP scripts with include,include_once,require and require_once
    Building Complete Web Applications
    Creating and managing database connections
    Sending queries to the database server employing the most efficient methods
    Retrieving query results as associative array
    Looping through database
    Displaying returned data on Web pages
    String Manipulation and Regular Expression
    Formatting String for Presentation
    Formatting String for Storage
    Joining and Splitting String
    Comparing String
    Matching and replace Substring
    Pattern matching
    Object Oriented PHP
    Object orinted concepts
    Class,object and operations
    Class attributes
    Per-class constant
    Class method invocation
    Access Modiffer
    Static method
    Implementing Interface
    Object Oridented functionality
    Implementing lterators and lterations
    Magic functions with PHP
    Exception Handling concepts
    Exception control structures try...catch...throw
    The Exception class
    User define exception
    Session and Cookie
    What is session control?
    Understanding Base Session Functionality
    What is a Cookie?
    Setting Cookies with PHP
    Cookies with Session
    Deleting Cookies
    Starting a Session
    Using Session Variables
    Advance PHP techniques
    Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
    File upload
    File Download
    E-mail with PHP
    PHP configuration file
    Error tacking and debugging
    MYSQL Database
    Creating database
    Deleting database
    Creating connection
    Creating table
    Deleting table
    Inserting record into table
    Fetching record from table
    Finding number of rows
    Deleting all record
    Deleting a single record
    Understanding mysql errors
    Updating record
    Using nested query
    Using limit
    Using where
    Using order by
    using like
    Sorting data
    JavaScipt, Ajax & XML
    Introduction to JavaScript
    Form validation using JavaScript
    Introduction to Ajax and its use.
    Introduction to XML and its use.
    Open Source Platform
    Introduction to Wordpress
    Project Works
    Understanding the server
    Server Configuration


40 Hrs



1.5 Hrs (Monday - Fridays)

2.5 Hrs (Saturday & Sunday)

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